The Challenge

A national pet supply company was searching for a packaging solution that would meet their unique branding choice. They came to Inmark frustrated with other vendors that told them their preferred packaging option was not possible. Specifically, they wanted a more eco-friendly bottle–one without a label. Instead, the branding and information would be printed directly on the bottle.

The Solution

While other vendors said it could not be done, Inmark engineers rose to the challenge. They spent significant time researching the latest technologies and processes to custom develop a bottle and system that would meet the client’s goals. After investing in highly-specialized equipment to deliver the product precisely as requested by the client, they developed a highly customized bottle that perfectly matched the client’s specs.

The Result

The resulting bottle is a superior combination of technology and effective branding. The client was extremely pleased with the resulting bottle, and the efficiency Inmark used to research, design and implement the plan.