The Challenge

A national hunting supply company was looking for easy-to-use, branded packaging for a variety of unique products. Their previous, long-time vendor was no longer providing solutions that met their quality and timeframe needs, and they did not provide the type of modern packaging the client desired for their products.

Searching for a well-rounded solution for their specific product needs, the client reached out to Inmark.

The Solution

Recognizing the uniqueness of this client’s product, Inmark designed unique branding and packaging solutions to properly market the product. The initial purchase from this client included a unique printed glass product. The product offered a different and engaging experience for the customer, and Inmark was able to deliver a high-quality product in a timely fashion.

The Result

This client was so thrilled with the result of the initial glass bottle product that they soon partnered with Inmark on additional products. Most recently, they have partnered with Inmark to produce five (5) products in various types of packaging, all with incredible quality and results. The client has also reported significant time and cost savings as a result of their partnership with Inmark.