When it comes to bottles, you have several choices for decoration. The right decoration can help your product connect with customers, provides critical information, and can ultimately have a dramatic impact on your sales. Understanding the differences between decorating options can help you make the best choice for your specific needs and budget.

Here at Inmark, your bottle decorating can be printed directly on the product, or we can apply your unique labels. Each option has different techniques. Here is a breakdown of the basics:

Pad Printing – Especially suited for irregular-shaped products, pad printing uses a metal plate and pad to distribute inks across bottles, sprayers and caps. With flexibility to decorate bottles from 1/2 ounce to 7 gallon pails, pad printing offers the flexibility to print across all parts of a bottle, from edge to edge.

Screen Printing – Screen printing uses a polyester screen stretched across a frame to transfer inks onto bottles (or other materials). With screen printing, the print goes directly onto the bottle, with ink being pressed through the screen by a doctor blade (or squeegee) to administer the right inks to get the intended design on the bottle. Screen printing offers a high level of durability with a high level of scratch resistance.

Pressure-Sensitive Label Application – This type of label offers the flexibility to use high-resolution graphics, including photo-quality, multi-color labels. With this flexibility, pressure-sensitive labels are often considered a cost-efficient option for bottle decoration. With labels on a roll, the bottle will pass through and the label will be brushed directly on it. High-tech equipment ensures that the bottles and labels are timed impeccably and application meets your precise specifications.

Shrink-Sleeve Label Application – While traditional label options allow for application directly onto the bottle, shrink sleeve labels offer an entirely new set of options for companies that wish to utilize the entire circumference of the bottle. Targeted heat-shrinking technology applies labels to as much or as little of the bottle as your specific branding requires.

Inmark offers customized bottle decorating services to help you meet your precise need.